You are in the right place…

You are in the right place if you are a dancer who wants to uplevel your training and prevent dance injuries.

Or maybe you are a dance teacher looking to include supplemental dance health and wellness training and resources to your classes or at your studio.

Or finally, maybe you are a concerned parent with an injured dancer looking for resources, a rehabilitation plan, or ways to prevent injury in the future.

Titanium Dance Wellness, launched in 2017, as the ‘go to’ resource for dancers and those teaching and caring for them. My mission is to educate and empower you, the dancer, to perform at your best. To prevent dance injuries from ending your amazing future career In dance. And to bring current dance science research to you in an easy to understand and applicable way.

As a Dancer, I know the devastating reality of an injury both minor and major. Dancers tend to fight through the pain and ignore minor aches and pains. I was no different.

But eventually, this caught up with me. My minor ‘shin’ pain was really bilateral tibial stress fractures. The ‘dreaded black line” across both of my legs.

To save you the details…. this was beyond devastating but I survived – literally. You can read more about my injury here.

As I entered the studio “recovered” over 3 years later with TITANIUM rods in both my legs, I vowed to use my experience as a spring board into the world of dance science and medicine and become the resource for young dancers that I never had.

So welcome to TITANIUM – a Dance Science resource to help you, the dancer, perform at your best by harnessing the powers of science.

About Erin…

A Dance Scientist with over 15 years of dance teaching and performing experience, Erin is a former competitive dancer, a current professional dancer, dance teacher and studio owner who brings a wealth of experience to Titanium Dance Wellness. Erin holds a Master of Science degree in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatory and City University London and a BA in Dance and Biology from Manhattanville College, Purchase NY.

Erin is also an active member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and a published author. TDW was founded on the mission to educate and empower young dancers to perform at their best – to prevent dance injuries one dancer at a time through educational programs, one-on-one coaching and dancer screenings. Erin’s passion stems from her own debilitating dance injury at age 14.

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